My Car

My car is a 1997 Toyota Carina E. It’s a great vehicle, and has over 185,000 miles on the clock. However, it’s emissions aren’t enough to pass the annual MOT, so I’m having to scrap it.

So, I’m sitting at a traffic light, thinking over the fate of my car, when a Jeep Cherokee pulls up and the passenger starts a conversation. He’s into racing old bangers. He’ll give me £120 for the car I’m driving. This isn’t my imagination. He’s genuine.

It’s worth about £90 scrap, and there are a few good parts on it for breaking, but he’s going to pay cold hard cash for the car and I’m delighted.

So, what should I buy now? Needs to be a good solid car capable of transporting me and my brood safely over medium distances with little expense. It must also be cheap, as I am a little short in the wallet this decade.

Suggestions on a postcard (or post a comment). Assuming he comes tomorrow and takes the car. If not, I’ll have to scrap it anyway.


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