Hooray hooray for a half term holiday

I have a horrible feeling non-teachers will want to shoot me for this, but I really do need the week break that’s coming. I need to feel somehow free of the constraints of the classroom for a bit.

Similarly I’ve been avoiding leading music for Sunday morning worship recently due to the size of my family and their propensity to wander off if not nailed to the nearest pew. However, I have recently been required to do a little light morning service duty.

This can be very tough if you have rehearsal at 8:30, first service at 9:30 and second service at 11:15 (ish – depending on length of sermon) and final throwing out a little before 13:00. That’s a full working day in the saddle, without much in the way of a break except that the sermon (and therefore the jokes) are repeated wholesale from the first service, so I can doze gently in the second service.

I realise it’s not a full working day in reality. In the same way that four hours contact time a day for a teacher represents countless hours of preparation beforehand and marking after however, I think the worship band of a church (or organist) need to have a little recognition for the hours of practice required to be good enough to lead effectively.

I have a band of fantastic blokes who generally form the core of whatever band I’ve constructed. They’re so tight with each other I have them grouped on my phone so I can text them all at once. It’s a great setup, but these guys have been playing a while, and they know what they’re doing because they’ve practised.

So half term holiday for me is like coming back and playing the morning services. I’ve done my practise and now it’s time to deliver. I’m about to have a week off and then it’s time to get back to the whiteboard and educate some children.

I’d love to think there’s much of a point to this, except to say that sometimes a change does you good. Maybe I’ll throw the band around a bit in terms of make-up (not that any of them wear make-up) just to see if a change is as good as a rest.

And now I have a week in which I can think about doing it.


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