No, it’s not a Swedish truck company, or a bar code printer.

It’s the way words read or sing back when you have them in a song or poem.

And, scansion is the big bugbear of my life at the moment.

I freely admit (again) that I’m not the world’s authority on worship music or what’s appropriate for a song, but please can we have something that uses the same rhythm in the lyrics for verse one as it does for verse two?

Keith Getty, you are my hero. You write hymns that scan and have meaning. GK, you similarly are wise and well versified, even in the more recent stuff.

The one who gets my hackles raised in anguish (as opposed to my hands in worship) will go for now unidentified. He is responsible for appalling changes of emphasis, and the one that set me off this Sunday involved a ten syllable line delivered quickly over three beats. Not a sin, but when it follows a three syllable line that lasts a couple of bars, you need a bit of warning to change gear!

I’m not going to rant forever, but leave you with this poem which I wrote.

music is great

but how I hate

lyrics that grate

and kill the music by forcing a compromise to deal with poor scansion.

‘Nuff said?


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