Brief Absence

I apologise for my brief disappearance from the blog. I’ve had a few things on my mind!

Firstly, I have changed career (again) and picked up a new job. I start tomorrow. It’s a change from teaching to administration, and it’s nothing special but it may open doors to fresh opportunities. Alternatively it may be a dead end which sucks the living breath from my chill bones and leaves me strangely intolerant of garlic and sunlight.

Secondly, I’ve been quite busy for a guy with no job. I’m continuing to write and play music, have done a bumper wedding season over July and August, and have spent a little time relaxing with the family. All to the greater good, I assure you.

So, what of church music? I hope to blog shortly concerning angels, recorded worship music, Christians writing on distinctly demonic themes, and generally what occurs to me as things happen. I’m trying to organise myself to update via e-mail on a regular basis. I sincerely hope it’ll be more successful than organising my backside onto the website to publish every few days.

Here’s to a new career, a new month, a new start and maybe a fresh energy for all this.



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