Sunday Service

In this modern age, one could be forgiven for thinking the nature and range of service in church is ever widening.

Aside from the minister and service leader (often the same person in smaller churches) there is the music or band leader and their team. At my own church we have two people operating the AV desk, one doing sound and the other overseeing projection.

Once you have the most visible roles filled, one must consider the coffee brewers, key holders and welcome team who are involved at the beginning and end of the whole effort,

Flower arrangers, cleaners, verger and wardens, and then the Children’s church leaders who miss the greater part of main church anyway.

Whatever happened to Sunday as a day of rest?

Here begins the rant.

Er, wouldn’t it be a good idea to provide considered support and praise for the people who do these things to support us? Every time I see that the prayer ministry team are only available during a time of sung worship, I wonder what help that is to the band. Are we tacitly suggesting that Almighty God is more likely to speak through the music than the sermon? Do worship leaders need no prayer ministry provision? What a load of rubbish is implied in these decisions.

Every time I lead the band at church I think prayer is a good starting point. Now I realise it may be crucial to the wellbeing of my band, because it may be the only deeply personal opportunity they get to pray together in the service.

Maybe I should close the sessions with prayer as well. You see if I don’t.


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