Music of remembrance.

I find it difficult in the weeks leading to Remembrance Sunday to square the militaristic guff spawned by some with my absolute belief in the wrongness of killing and my despair at the cruel release of being killed when the alternative is a life of acute pain.

I feel that our society, with its recent focus in the UK on the “rights” of the terminally ill to choose the nature of their own death, sees death as a subject best dealt with either as scandal or tragedy.

After so many years of remembering the dead with dutiful thanks, many speak up to criticise their deaths, their orders, and even their perceived culpability in following those orders in the first place.


What the heck to I choose from Soul Survivor or New Wine or The Source or even Hymns Ancient & Modern when asked to pick something suitable?

It’s a tough choice for certain, made no easier if there are a range of opinions and general persuasions within the church congregation.


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