New Year. Again.

I shouldn’t be surprised.
I rarely am.
The whole point of this New Year stuff is to make resolutions to improve and be better; and it’s expected that we’ll fail. We’re human, and people are fallible and resistant to change.

I might promise to blog more, although that assumes I have anything interesting to say. I may promise myself my weight will be less in a matter of one or two months. One of my friends is giving up smoking. Again. I’m sure you get the picture.
What saddens me above all is the promises we break. If you’re going to promise not to smoke, or to drink less, or not to argue so much or be less arrogant, you’re setting yourself up for a fall.
It’s really only by the grace of God I keep most of my promises. Even then, it can be an uphill struggle for me.
So, which oaths are most important? Your oath of allegiance to an organisation, flag, state or monarch? Your wedding vows? How about when you promise your parents or children something? A promise to give or raise money or support a cause?

I start this year sad because some of my friends are abandoning promises they made for their own good. Yes, that reads both ways. It may be they are abandoning for their own good, or that the promises were good for them. It can be very difficult to tell the difference if you’re not the one making and breaking the promise, and damned unclear how to help them.
So, before you commit, think seriously. And if you think I’m writing about you, you’re probably right, even if I never intended to.

Happy New Year.


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