An open invitation…

I need to find a fresh direction with some of the music I’m doing at the moment.

There is the more-than-half-my-lifetime spent playing in church, mostly on piano. There’s the misguided youth of playing cheesy covers and filling out the back row of a band or two, playing keyboards. There are the occasional choir things, the music degree, the range of odd or at least unexpected instruments I now own. I’m even getting to grips finally with the bouzouki.

What does all this sum to?

I feel like I should be beginning a new project or trying to work something out. I have plenty of particles of ideas, and a broad context in which I know some of this will be acceptable. I am, however, not about to release a concept album. That’s way too 70s for me.

But I do want to find something.

So, here it is. Please feel free to get on board. Or invite me on board. You can find some of my stuff here. I’m on twitter. Comment on this post. Whatever you do, get in touch and let’s make something.


3 Responses to An open invitation…

  1. OK, so I got impatient waiting for the rush of offers. Here’s a sample of what I did when I sat down today with a head full of little ideas…

    I hope it’s very pleasant for you all.

  2. lettersquash says:

    Hi Andrew, I just wanted to say I enjoyed listening to your music, and I’m sorry to see how long ago this post was created. I wonder how your projects are going now…I guess there are updates here. I’ve been looking for musicians and bands locally (North Yorkshire, UK) on, with little progress so far, although I’ve made a contact or two I could nudge again. I just happened to see you on LinkedIn, which I just joined.

    A couple of tips – you don’t seem to say where you are, even on your About-Contact page, unless I’ve missed it, and if you want more people to see your posts you should use lots of relevant tags. All the best, John

    • John, thanks for the comment. I live and work in Walsall, and I take the point that it should be more obvious.

      I’m open for collaboration with practically anyone. I recently founded Dischord – a local improv group thing and our first tentative gig is in a bookshop two counties away. Last year I spent in the company of the Grey Goose Blues Band, having fun, learning and playing (you guessed it) lots of blues.

      As for the next fifteen months or so, who knows?

      If you’re ever going to be down my way, let me know. You can find me on Twitter as well as LinkedIn.


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