Currys – shopping made simple, customer service made more tricky.

What I had to write to them today – Currys the fantastic white goods retailer have let me down and I feel like a rant…

Dear lovely customer service folks,

This e-mail might sound a bit harsh. It’s basically a complaint because what you sold me as a service policy seems to have been downgraded since I bought it, so now the big promises on the paperwork aren’t actually being delivered. It’s like buying a comprehensive burglar alarm, only to discover a guy in your kitchen one night helping himself to your beer because the wiring that detects the back door opening has been disconnected at some point since installation.

I have a policy with you, for a tumble dryer purchased in 2006.

When it failed this weekend, I phoned the number on the whatever happens paperwork.


The number is dead. No recording to tell me where I should call, not a sausage.

I looked up the branch number on the receipt and called it.


A second number apparently not in use any more.

So, I looked up my local branch in Yellow Pages, and called it.

I don’t mind navigating the “I think you said ‘yes’; is that right?” computer driven menus, provided the office is actually open to take my call, but apparently you don’t open on Sundays. That’s odd, because I’m certain the store is open to sell me things on Sundays. Is there a good reason your customer support doesn’t offer the same level of service? So, instead of reporting the problem and having you arrange a solution…


I’m sure by now you can see the pattern, and why I’m irritated. The paperwork I have clearly tells me when you can get an engineer out if I call you on a Sunday. It also states that I should call before 6pm on weekdays, whereas your answerphone telling me the office is closed tells me you only work until 5:30pm most days, half days on a Saturday and not at all on a Sunday.

Please call me. My whatever happens reference is xxxxxxxxxx and my tumble dryer is tumbling but not drying any more. There is no heat being generated. Nearly five years ago you had the better part of ninety quid off me for what I was told was a service that no other retailer could match. OK, but so far I’m unconvinced. Please prove me wrong. I’ll be on 07xxx xxxxxx most of the time, and will answer unless I’m genuinely unavailable. I’m not going to call any more 08 numbers unless I’m damned sure I’ll get the result I need.



One Response to Currys – shopping made simple, customer service made more tricky.

  1. RESULT!

    Got a call on Tuesday apologising, promised an engineer for today, and an e-mail with updated terms and conditions.

    Tumble dryer now working. Heating element and thermostat both replaced under full cover.

    But my point still stands, and Currys have accepted it.

    All round win, I think. Well done Currys.

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