Flash Mob Carolling

I have been invited by representatives of Walsall Strategic Regeneration to put together a “Christmas Choir” type thing in the middle of Aldridge from 14:00 to 14:30 on Saturday December 10th, 2011. It’s one “act” as part of a larger Christmas celebration. In effect, I have local government backing and mandate to present Christmas music in public to an audience. This is very cool.

The “choir” could be a hand-picked group of people who owe me favours or want to have fun together, but that seems a little exclusive. Much better, in my opinion to open the whole thing wider. I am declaring an all-comers Flash Mob Carolling moment.

I’ll provide the song sheets, the musical hand-waving and directions to the nearest tea shops, pubs, etc. All you need to provide is voices who fancy a bit of a laugh.

Please forward this post to as many interested parties as you may know, and please turn up on the day if you fancy it.

On Twitter, you can search the hashtag #flashmobcarolling, or follow me, @notejuste for more info.

Here is the small print: It’s a public event and you should come prepared for outdoor weather in mid December. Add another layer of clothes if you’ve not had a Midlands winter experience before. I’m not aware of any fund-raising connected with the larger event, but I’m not collecting for anyone, and I’m not being paid for this. I’m not feeding or paying anyone else. It’s for the joy of doing it, and it should be fun. You may have seen well-rehearsed choirs doing wonderful outdoor events recently. This will not be like that. If you want to sing harmonies, bring your own copies of Carols for Choirs and we’ll see what we can do. If you don’t want to sing harmonies, turn up anyway and give it some welly. If you want to leave contact details with me on the day, we’ll see about some more flash carolling in the future, but it’s not intended to be more than a one-off right now. And above all, bring your friends.


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  1. […] had a lot of fun singing carols in the absolutely freezing cold of Aldridge Shopping Precinct, but it was freezing, and not many […]

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