Ales, Beers and Carols

We had a lot of fun singing carols in the absolutely freezing cold of Aldridge Shopping Precinct, but it was freezing, and not many people were hanging around to hear us, and frankly it was fun but only in spite of the cold.

If only we could find a friendly, local, warm venue to carol in…

Step up to the plate…. Ales, Beers and Carols. We’ll drop by a couple of pubs and sing carols. We may be in the mood for a beer. We may be in the mood for another beer later. No point in being too lubricated to hold a tune, but this is a social and community thing. Turn up! Sing up! Drink up!

Thursday December 22nd, 2011. The White Lion public house. Carolling from about half eight or nine, until we’ve had enough or been thrown out by the locals. This is a very friendly pub, with a strong musical heritage and a great variety behind the bar. Did I mention the open fire and warm welcome?

Friday December 23rd, 2011. The Lazy Hill public house. Carolling from about half eight or nine, until we run out of material. Again, a friendly no-nonsense pub with another range of decent ales. Walking distance for a load of the Aldridge-based carollers, and you can have tomorrow off work, so a late night carolling session may be in order. They have dispensed with open fires and instead gone with extremely funky log burners. Warm welcome guaranteed.

Follow the Twitter tag #alesbeersandcarols for Twitter-based info leading up to the evenings. If you’re coming along, feel free to add a comment to this post, and/or forward it to your mates. In fact, forward it anyway.

The small print: Singing carols in the pub is cool. Singing them loudly as you leave late at night for the benefit of the neighbours is not. Basically, be aware of the late time and play nice. Drinks other than ale and beer are probably available. Some of them will likely be non-alcoholic. Arrange a lift home or walk if that’s what you need to do. Above all, be safe and sociable. We’re not fundraising or making ourselves money out of this. Oh, and bring your friends. Turn up! Sing up! Drink up!


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