Starting up a choir

So we went carolling in a couple of pubs, and the results were pleasing if fairly low-key. We were sitting around on Friday night after doing some singing, reminiscing and complaining.

The voice is maintained by muscles of great complexity and variety. Breath control, mouth shape, palette, not to mention the folds of flesh which actually form the voice box.

All of us were sitting there and whining that our voices are out of condition. We don’t rehearse every week, we roll it out every Christmas and spend all our other time being family people or career people, or anything else but above all busy people.

So, it looks like we’re starting a choir. We have a probable venue, some contacts, and at least a modicum of intent. Even if we never sing for other people between carol services in successive years, for an hour a week we’ll be keeping ourselves trim vocally, being a community of musicians doing that music thing. This should be a lot of fun.


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