I’ve been doing a little research. Those who know me will be surprised at this news.

It would appear that I’m closer to my goal of writing some Christmas devotional music, albeit a little late for 2011. I had a moment of inspiration, realising that instead of a full blown oratorio, I could quite possibly tackle a cantata.

All I need is a choir, and some musicians, and a church. Instrumentally, I could possibly do with an organ and organist, a piano, guitar, bass, percussionista, some orchestral melody instruments. Also, enough time to get it all done.

A deadline might also be a good idea, so here it is: December 15th, 2012. That’s the day I want to perform this as yet non-existent cantata. That gives me 352 days to write and compose a cantata, engage the musicians, rehearse and perform to an audience who as yet know nothing of the plan. This on top of whatever else lands this coming year to make my day to day life more interesting. Call it a slightly extreme New Year’s resolution.

At teh moment I have no idea how to set such a thing up successfully, much less how to stage it or promote it. I guess I’ll be learning a great deal in the process. Anyone want to help? I promise it will be interesting…


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