So long, Facebook.

This isn’t important, it’s not news, and it’s certainly not an issue I’m passionate about, but I thought I should mark the occasion.

In April 2011 I deactivated my Facebook account. It was eating my life and frankly failing to deliver on the promise. I could certainly interact online with my friends, but there were too many time wasters and people from my past I hoped had forgotten about me. Too many people who obviously wanted to be friends because they wanted the most friends. Don’t get me started on receiving dozens of e-mails every month inviting me to join “games” my “friends” were playing on the promise of a bonus or free gift. There are better ways of keeping in touch. Twitter, e-mail, telephone (I even still have one that’s actually plumbed into the wall, like my parents!) and if all else fails you could write letters.

So, I have deleted my Facebook account with effect from 14 days’ time. In eight months, nobody has come to me in distress because I’m no longer on Facebook. I have not missed it, so I’m done there. It feels good. Slightly inspired by this post, I’m cutting a fair few digital ties. I’m not even sure why I bothered with some of them. Not that I was that exposed to begin with, but this should also help a lot with the “drowning in spam” feeling I suffer with every few weeks.

15th January, I’m a free man.


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