I made mead.

I’m having a lot of fun home brewing. It’s easy to get into, Tesco sell a lot of the gear you need, and we have a local brewing shop if you’re up for the more serious stuff.

I like simple and uncomplicated. I have therefore begun to brew mead. The first lots were done last summer and are just reaching bottled maturity.

Batch of mead just getting going.

Batch of mead just getting going.

I had so much fun that when I saw a Birmingham Brew Club meeting in a pub in the city centre, I popped down.

It turns out I’m not the only mead brewer. So we’re starting a local mead blog detailing our exploits, recipes, failures, etc. Hop on over to Mead in Middle England for a look at what’s brewing. It’s got to be better than spamming my Twitter followers with photos of brewing which show very little…


One Response to I made mead.

  1. tania_nexust says:

    Good stuff, I have to say even in the early stages, that mead in your fv in the picture looks very tempting! Look forward to reading more posts about the process, once I’ve got a bit more beer homebrewing underway, I may well give mead a go as it’s a great drink!

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