Playing Games

Here are some great ideas for passing the time while sitting with one’s brother in a public house, enjoying a quiet ale.

THUD! is a board game for two players which is not at all like chess because the opposing armies are different races, and one has the other surrounded and outnumbered four to one. Based on Terry Pratchett’s Discworld invention of the same name, and the subsequent book in the Discworld series, someone actually went and made the game. Stonking good fun, alcohol not necessary but useful.

Bananagrams is a sort of freestyle head-to-head Scrabble. I bought mine in a bookshop. It’s a great one for bar room tables, provided there’s enough space between pints.

Pass the Pigs is an ancient classic which I remember from my childhood. Two little piggies fresh from market, tossed across the table with marks for their final resting positions. A truly epic endeavour.

I will post more gaming ideas if I find any. Don’t hold your breath – I’ll probably be too busy playing Thud!


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