Things break. Carry spares.

Tonight I played my first proper gig of 2012, a wedding reception. It was anticipated I’d play for three hours straight, for which I decided to use my Roland synth. It’s lightweight and the keys aren’t heavy to the touch.

As usual, I took a sustain pedal and lead, amp – the regular setup.

An hour into playing, the pedal began to jam on, holding the notes on past when I released it. I was unable to play with this, so I pulled the jack out of the synth, disonnecting the pedal and played on, forced to manage without while still maintaining a continuous sound.

I’m not trying to boast. It was a difficult task which I found challenging and disconcerting but I’m much more upset that I wasn’t carrying a spare pedal. They are designed for stage use, but they’re not indestructible. I should have been capable of forseeing this possibility in due course.

So, this is today’s lesson – when you’re out and about carry a spare for the essential things: batteries, clothes, makeup, backup bank card or whatever you cannot do without. In my case, that’s at the very least a spare lead and pedal.


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