Odd Numbers

Today I celebrate my 32nd birthday. It’s a good one.

I like numbers, and while 30 was a milestone of sorts, 32 seems better.

It’s 80% of 40, and even better it’s a power of 2. In fact it’s the only 5th power I’ll see except 1, and I wasn’t aware of that in the same way.

I’m not suggesting we deviate as a society from celebrating decades, but it does feel good that I can find numerical significance in what is otherwise another regular day.

I think what I’m really trying to say is I’d like to still be immature enough that my birthday doesn’t have to end in a zero to be special. And I can be immature as well at 32 as ever I was being 31. So there.

— edit —

Thanks also to my younger brother who pointed out last week that I’ve turned 100000 (binary) and 35 (base 9), although I prefer 20 (hex) and was horrified to realise in octal I’ve reached 40.


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