Experiment in random exposure…

… not a photography thing, nor something illegal in any town within Her Britannic Majesty’s Commonwealth.

I just fancied finding out how much interest I would get for promoting myself badly and randomly. I posted this last night, on Craigslist. I don’t often use CL for anything important. I browse some of the “For Sale” boards locally for anything that looks musically interesting, and I’m aware that it gets a relatively high number of hits.

So, I posted this advert just to see if I could get any response at all. The theory goes that most advertising is either very well funded or created by a genius, and that’s how it works. I’m neither rich nor a creative genius, so I thought I’d try the exact opposite and see if it had any impact. I assure you it made sense at the time. Honestly, I was completely sober.

The only problem is that by drawing your attention to it, I’ve inadvertently skewed any null result. If I get no response from the listing, it not only means I have no clout in Craigslist, but practically nobody cares about my blog either. Well, I had wondered about that as well. Two birds…


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