Blues Band Gig

Those of you who follow my blog (both of you!) will know that I recently joined a blues band. They’re a great bunch of guys, talented and very welcoming. I’ve been made to feel part of something excellent.

We play a gig tonight, my first with the band, and I’m more excited than usual. I’ve never been in a band before where I’ve done no live work with any member before I’ve played with them as a whole.

In the last ten years, Retrosexual has played a couple of dozen gigs (I can’t name them all) but always with musicians I already knew and had played with, or with their mates who came with a great deal of trust already earned.

When I was a teenager, the few musical ventures I entered into were always with someone I already knew, usually when they wanted a keyboard player and had thought of me as an addition.

This time, it’s like that but different. I “met” the Grey Goose band months ago at a gig in the Red Lion, Aldridge. They were good, I was impressed, I gave the sax player my number in case they wanted a keyboard player but heard nothing. Then in December I happened to take my keyboard to an open mic night and jammed with their lead singer / guitarist and drummer, who then invited me to a rehearsal. This is the stuff of proper rock and roll. Or maybe, proper blues.

So tonight we roll in to the Railway Inn, Pelsall, for my first live gig with the guys. I can’t say I’m entirely prepared, but I’m more than ready. Please come down and have a listen. You can buy your own drinks, but the soundtrack to your evening will be more than worth it.


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