Washing Machine installed. Balance has returned to the Force.

On Thirsday last week, the electricity went out. After isolating the various circuits (lights, mains, shower) I identified the culprit – the utility room and/or the kitchen.

By further elimination we narrowed it down to the washing machine, which was duly removed on Friday and placed in front of our house. Within half an hour, it had been lifted by three men on a cart who asked “D’you want that, mate?” and promptly took it off my hands.

Leeson 1 – There are really interesting things inside a washing machine. Heavy weights, big bolts which might be useful in another context, a wiring loom full of decent copper wire, a motor, a drive belt, a pump, and all sorts. Removing the bits you fancy taking a look at might well result in a learning experience. However, limit the scope of your salvage, or your wife might notice. I restricted myself to fixings and wiring on this occasion.

So began the arduous process of taking loads of washing round to my mother for her to slot into her own washing schedule.

Lesson 2 – Other people have smaller washing machines. Our old one could handle a 7kg load. That was fairly large when we bought it. Our new one is 9kg. Mum’s is a bit smaller. Dropping off a load which is too large means she’ll put it through in two batches which will take extra time and effort. Do your sums before you go.

We duly ordered and paid for a new washer from Currys online (having been to the shop to see what was available) and scheduled delivery for this morning.

Lesson 3 – Don’t go to Currys to shop. Go to browse. It infuriates the sales team, but also saves you from their patter. Also, you can then go and find what you want at a good price online. Just make sure you buy from a supplier you can trust to deliver and still be there if you have problems in the statutory period after purchase, and use a credit card for the added protection. (Actually, I’m not a financial advisor, don’t take my suggestions at face value as sound advice but weigh them up yourself. Don’t come crying to me if it all goes wrong etc…)

So this morning the washing machine arrived, I put it in place, hooked it up and levelled it, switched it on and started the first cycle to clean and check the machine. It’s burbling away in the background quietly doing its thing while I type up this post.

Our new washing machine, in place and ready to go.

Lesson 4 – When it all goes well, don’t question it. Thank God for an easy ride and carry on.

So balance is returned to the Force. Mrs. C can come home tonight to a new appliance which will serve us all well.


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