Writing new stuff. Slowly.

I’m writing some new music. It’s not easy going, because it has lyrics.

Lyrics make me feel like an idiot. It’s too easy to write stuff I don’t believe or believe that I should feel but don’t really. I’m a bit sick of singing material in church that says cool stuff which I don’t measure up to or says stuff I’m not sure I understand or makes no sense at all.

So I’m trying to write words that are true to who I am and where I am and then make it singable.

Because if there’s one thing I find more of a turn off in church than celebrity worship leading, it’s when you’re expected to join in and it’s more difficult to actually sing the stuff than it is to understand, agree with and affirm.

Don’t expect anything good, or soon, or even at all. I’ll certainly blog about it if anything happens.


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