Local Government Elections

Oh brilliant. Polling day.

Looking at the list of usual suspects, it strikes me that politics is the sort of game where very few people win and mostly they lose. It’s a funny old world, and I really wonder how much power these people wield.

The amount of money they can charge us is decided at a local level but overseen by central government. In addition, the majority of the work behind the scenes to arrive at suitable numbers is done by employees, not elected representatives. The professionals arrive at a figure, the people we voted for simply give it a “Yea” or “Nay” and we’re off.

How about policy? How far can you get raising planning concerns or over zealous parking wardens with your councillors? Again, they are acting within a fairly strict set of guidelines and dispensing middle of the road decisions for the greater part.

So, we vote them in and try to hold them accountable. What else can we do? Don’t misunderstand me, I’ll vote, I’m just not entirely convinced it’ll change anything.


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