The wonderful thing about Tiggers…

We have had a guest over the Bank Holiday weekend. Son 3 came home with a Tigger branded rucksack containing a Tigger and a diary (exercise book with a picture on the front) so we could record Tigger’s amazing adventures with his foster family over the weekend.

Tigger in his bag, preparing to pounce.

Firstly, let me say I have never felt so sorry for a cuddly toy. Our idea of an exciting weekend might involve going to the shops or a spot of DIY, or even some gardening.

So, with some trepidation, we come to the end of the weekend, having done nothing of any real interest, and I flick through the diary to see what we’re up against. Bowling, cinema, cycling, football, trips to Monte Carlo, moon shots, Royal garden parties, ascents of Everest. Really, it’s almost as though people are trying to compete over this stuff. Well, I’ll show them how it really is. Below is the diary entry for our weekend, verbatim. No, really.

The wonderful thing about Tiggers,

is bounces and cuddles and springs,

so off we go for the weekend,

to do some remarkable things.

We’re off to three excited boys, guest of the youngest one,

So when we’re awake at 4 o’clock we’re not the only one!

And if we should travel to far away,

By car or bike or yacht,

It’s all recorded in the book,

to see up to what we got.

Well this weekend was lots of fun,

we tidied, played and hid,

And met the crazy uncles too,

a crazy thing to have did.

On Sunday afternoon the bathroom flooded from the main,

So friendly Jon came round and made it safe and dry again.

Since Monday dawned a holiday,

then out to lunch we were,

We met Dad’s Dad and Mum,

and saw pics of America,

For that’s where Uncle James had been,

and he came gifts to bear,

A model car bought from New York,

with thought and love and care.

So finally to bed we went,

the host, and me his guest,

so back to school for someone else,

but first a week of rest.

I bet I get an “A”.


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