Typing Rage

Today I spoke to a man from an agency about some work related stuff, particularly to do with the musical side of my talents and experience. I should make it clear, I love my job and my employers are great people to work for.

Tony was a nice guy, set up an appointment for a time when I already have some holiday booked, and then took me through what he needed from me. It included a very brief online registration pre-interview, and the details of the CRB check he’d need to complete in case I ended up working with children or vulnerable adults. I have one for the Scouting movement, but they need another. Such is life.
The form was a bit of a pain, but when the next section insisted that I begin listing all my employment history before continuing I reached an important conclusion. I’m sick of doing the work for them. I worked briefly for an agency as an administrator. Not particularly tough work, but it needed accuracy, care, and genuine concern that the people we represented were given the best of chances. Asking them to do this for us would have been tricky for anyone unfamiliar with computers, and even then inappropriate for anyone whose skills don’t naturally include admin proficiency.
This agency has my CV. That’s why they knew to call me. Somebody with industry experience on a low but not insulting wage could have knocked up a decent precis of it in ten minutes.
So I declined the offer of an interview. My return e-mail is shown (edited) below. I am a little ashamed of myself, if that helps.
Thanks for your time today, but I shall be unable to attend at the agreed time for a number of reasons.
1. You wish me to pay up front for a CRB check while being unable to offer me the guarantee of employment. While this would make sound financial snese if  I were currently out of work, and it may be standard business practise for your industry, it’s money I simply don’t have right now. I need all the money I currently earn to keep my family afloat.
2. You are suggesting I pursue temporary work at a lower wage than I can comfortably deal with even in the medium term. Since our telephone conversation I sat down and did the sums. Around the middle of August we’d run out of food. Again, I accept this is the failure of my circumstances to match your expectations, so I won’t hold you accountable for this.
3. The website application you have asked me to go to will take considerably more than 10 minutes to complete due to the design of the forms and the amount of information requested. Worse, it includes duplicating the information I have already provided to you by means of my CV. This should have been made clear at the start of the process. I am not your administrator, and while I have no problem completing online forms in general you have been given a copy of my CV as requested by your website. To all intents, that’s my part of the job done. I should not have to reproduce this in your preferred format simply to qualify for an interview.
4. Finally, and with much regret, I can’t find my passport anywhere, so the ID side of things is going to be tricky at best.
On the positive side, you no longer have to squeeze me into your schedule, and I’m saved the parking fee to visit. I apologise for the inconvenience.

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