Yesterday I bemoaned the lack of instructions and bits to fit the second hand towbar I’d acquired from eBay. I was helped, I found the fitting instructions, and then I had to leave it while I went to Wales to play a gig.

After a long day’s work today, I have it. It is done. I looked up the missing components this morning, and found that Screwfix will sell them to me in easy bulk, no problem. So, I got over to Willenhall and bought me some nuts and bolts. While I was there, I got enough to replace the old fixings which had been supplied, thus eliminating the need to recondition them.

Thanks to @thestymaster (see previous post) I had a complete list of components and fitting instructions, and we’d dropped by Karparts on the way to Screwfix, so I had a pre-wired 12N socket and kit.

The weather seemed perfect for a little DIY.

Fitting the towbar was hindered by several factors. Firstly, I needed to cut a section from the bumper, then I needed to fit bolts at both ends of the frame at once. My second son became a willing helper for a couple of hours, and I’m quite proud of our achievement even if it was at the cost of two grazed knuckles (mine) and a stubbed toe (his).

The electrics were a nightmare to fit from beginning to end. Peugeot wiring is evil in the extreme, cable numbering a random and awe-inspiring thing, and the kit wasn’t the easiest to follow. However, by half past eight this evening I was down to the last job – securing the earth.

Finally, I settled on soldering a long lead to the earth point on the unit and running it to the face plate of the lighting circuit board. This means it has plenty of contact area and direct access to a chunky earth lead straight to the wiring loom at the front of the car. Excellent.

Of course, I can’t test my handiwork until I have a trailer to hitch up, but we’ll see. Even if I got it all wrong, and the wiring loom is now a write off, I had a good time, my son now thinks I’m a mechanical wizard, and I needed two goes with the Swarfega to get the grime off at the end. Can’t say fairer, eh?


3 Responses to Go-bar!

  1. stymaster says:

    I once fitted a bar to my then-6-month-old Seat Ibiza. Cutting the bumper tested my nerve somewhat. If you can’t find a trailer to test with, I have one in WS4.

  2. […] this year I had to bid farewell to the lovely Peugeot 306 to which I had so successfully attached a towbar, and replaced it with a gifted Peugeot 806, which came […]

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