Abstinence makes the heart grow stronger.

I’m ill. My cholesterol level is 6.4 (I assume mmol/l) and one of my liver functions came back very wrong. My thyroid appears to be functioning normally, which is why I had the blood tests in the first place, but that’s been eclipsed with the bad news.

So this morning, possibly as you read this post, I’m at the doctor, getting the dress down and making arrangements to end my life of debauchery.

In essence, I have to give up everything I love: processed food, hard cheese, full fat milk and cream, streaky bacon, gammon steak and biscuits. Don’t even mention the cake.

I’m also concerned about my sugar intake, so sugar will be cut severely. Goodbye coffee and tea, cake (again) and soft drinks. Hello water.

Finally, beer is making an exit for a while. No alcohol while my liver is playing silly beggars. That includes beer, wine, spirits and mead. I’m giving up until at least Advent, and even then I may have to be moderate in consumption.

So, those who know me in real life will be seeing less of me. I have joined a gym already, in anticipation. I may even lose some of this bulk. That should amuse the family no end.

On the plus side, this will deal with my cholesterol and liver problems. On the minus side, unless the shakes, pins and needles and exhaustion are linked to coronary heart disease or similar, I need a medical investigation of those too. Failing that, they could indicate unhealthy levels of stress.

Here’s hoping everything is going to be OK.


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