Three days in…

So, the weight loss program has begun.

I no longer eat food with high levels of refined sugars or saturated fats, I’ve dropped coffee and alcohol completely, and am looking at herbal teas.

Oh, and I joined a gym. I’ve done at least 20 minutes cardiovascular exercise every day since Thursday, and I feel…


The increased exercise means I’ve suddenly had to increase my water intake, especially since I no longer drink beer or coffee. If my kidneys don’t hate me already, they soon will, as all the accumulated junk in my body begins to leave. While I know it’ll be a gradual process I’m secretly hoping for masses of weight loss early on to show that I’m a winner.

If I can just shift 20kg to begin with, that will bring me down to a manageable weight. Another 20kg and I’m back in the right range for my Body Mass Index to stop scaring the doctors.

On top of this, I must reduce the amount of bad cholesterol in my body and increase the amount of good. The ratio between the two is currently very bad news, and that’s got to change.

To make matters worse, I’m told it’s going to be a few weeks before I start to notice any real difference from all this exercise, by which time I may well have recovered from the caffeine shortfall caused by going cold turkey.

In the mean time, I ache, I hunger, I thirst and I’m sweating a lot more than I used to. If losing this weight is going to be such an unpleasant experience, maybe it will convince me never to regain it.

In order to keep me on track, I’m considering raising money in my fight against the flab. A slogan such as “Love the fatty, hate the fat.” and a Justgiving page for some worthwhile cause. I suppose the British Heart Foundation would be an obvious choice, but I’m uncertain. Any suggestions?


One Response to Three days in…

  1. Stick with it, it takes 30-60 days for it to be habit, remember it is a lifestyle not a quick fix. Moderation….

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