Fixing up the new trailer

Today was the first day of serious trailer renovation.

Two weeks ago I bought a trailer for cash from a guy through Gumtree. It was painted with cheap black emulsion and not in great shape, but I thought I could deal with it.

First I removed the side panels, brushed them down and started painting them. Then I lifted the bottom panel, and to my surprise, further issues emerged. The chassis is quite rusty in places and the electrics were useless. The insulation was worn and the connections between lengths of cable were simply twists wrapped in electrical tape.

First off, I needed to finish the paint job on the sides, which have been lying in the carcass of the trailer to dry. Then the real work could start.

Today I wired up a fresh 3m length of 7-core cable into the old plug, which was still OK, and spliced the other ends onto the tail end of the flex from the lighting board. Given I want to use this trailer plenty in future a proper junction box was the only way to go. Thanks to Maplin and their extensive stock of components, this little black box will soon be attached to the chassis.

The junction box I have created to ease the wiring of trailer electrics on my new trailer.

I have half a mind to put additional running lights, secondary brake indicator, etc. in the future, and taking a feed from this box through a dedicated gland seems the best way to do it. For that reason, the box is bigger than strictly necessary.

All I have to do now is strip and paint the chassis, replace a tire, treat the base board and reassemble the trailer, ensuring it’s watertight. How hard could it be?


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