Fixing up the new trailer II

So, it’s been a busy couple of days, but the trailer is finally roadworthy and ready to go.

Firstly, we needed to lift the base board, paint the underside, and Hammerite the frame.

Frame, all repainted and drying.

Then came the business of replacing the boards, including screwing them together and sealing the joins. Sometimes what bolts and screws can’t hold, a judicious cable tie can do for us.

Cable tie to the rescue.

Finally, after screwing the junction box to the frame and mounting the lighting board, a fresh tyre on the one side, a road test and a little reworking to make good, we were ready to go. Up the lock-up to fetch the tent and sleeping bags and we’re ready to be off on holiday at the drop of a hat. It looks rough and badly made, but it tows beautifully and at least I now know it’s up to the job.

My trailer, ready to go.

What’s more, my seven year old son has helped at every stage, and feels very proud of what we’ve managed to do. I love these little Father-Son projects.


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