I’m unemployed

I have no job. It’s a bit irritating to be honest.

The circumstances are by now fairly irrelevant, but the upshot is I currently have no way of paying the bills next month, so I’m casting around for work and trying to find myself a worthwhile occupation. (In fact, if you want to help, or want to hire me, you can get further details here.)

Cue my latest crazy idea – Grammar Ninja.

I’m promoting myself (based on years of experience in the office and a genuine concern for language) as a guy to help sharpen up the language and communication skills of the people who have a desk job. It’s definitely not a question of those who can do, and those who can’t teach. It’s something that has irritated me in every workplace since I left school. Poor language puts people off, costs reputation and business.

So while that’s getting off the ground (or not) I’m left with the slightly more pressing issue of how to generate some ready cash. If you want an accompanist for a wedding or funeral, a bespoke symphony writing, or have any other bright ideas, now would be a good time.

If it gets much worse, at least I have the cathartic process of blogging to  lessen the pain, eh?

One Response to I’m unemployed

  1. saphireheart says:

    Interesting 🙂 [link removed]

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