Hurrah! I have a job.

I have a job. I was unemployed for 16 days, but now I have a job.

It’s nights. In the middle of the night, few trades keep their lamps burning. Parcel sorters are one of those nocturnal wonders. Thousands of parcels from across the UK arrived in WV11 last night, and most of them were on the road by the early hours of this morning. It’s a wonder to behold, if you have the time to catch your breath and lift your head to look.

So, my first shift last night/this morning was OK, but the sun is really bright at 7am and my sons have no concept of “quiet” except in a “relative to a train filled with high explosives hitting a firework factory next to a brass band concert” kind of way. So, now I’m up and awake and in desperate need of sleep before tonight. My solution is simple – write a blog post and have a drink and hit the hay. Maybe by this afternoon I’ll be more coherent and can add some paragraph structure to this post rather than rambling on in a stream of consciousness until I arrive at my conclusion. Like that. Um, if you need me, wait until at least 12 before calling.

Night night.


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