How odd – meet the reader.

Tonight (Friday night, even though as I write it’s early Saturday morning) the Grey Goose Blues Band played at the Red Lion in Aldridge. I posted a brief notice of this delightful event yesterday on my other site, and let Twitter know it was there.

Then I sat back and watched the page views slowly tick over from zero to a dozen or so in the course of the next 24 hours. For me, this is fairly standard. I don’t expect to receive a large number of hits and they are usually from people I know or who know me.

Imagine my surprise, then, that a guy at the gig tonight introduced himself as Mark and opening with the words “I read your blog” proceeded to tell my band mates about how I often advertise our little expeditions online.

OK, he already knows our lead singer (I assume in “real life”) and that does change things a little, but the very idea that somebody I’ve never met or conversed online with might be a reader came as a funny notion.

It’s not a negative reaction, more the considerable suspension of disbelief required to imagine somebody reading what I write without being in contact with me directly. That’s fine. It’s perfectly OK, but it takes a little getting used to when I’ve been surrounded for most of my life (church, school, work, Uni) by loose fitting extensive social circles with complex and interleaved maps of friendships and relationships. Somebody from beyond the radar so to speak is something of a novelty.

On the plus side, it was one more friendly face at an otherwise fairly average gig. Our next is in Wales, for which much preparation and relatively little alcohol will be required. I simply can’t wait.


One Response to How odd – meet the reader.

  1. Heh, not just an “average gig” but a great night of blues which everyone in the pub enjoyed. Must say, you’re a wizard on that keyboard…

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