Take Away Pizza Hut

I realise it’s hardly a world-changing event, but Pizza Hut in Walsall is about to close. According to a friend on the inside, in a couple of weeks it will have been converted to a Nando’s restaurant.

This is a Bad Thing.

I like having a Pizza Hut in town. Admittedly, we preferred it when you didn’t have to give all your contact details to them online to get a voucher to have your children eat for free (the original walk in and dine Kids Eat Free offer was the clincher on more than one occasion when the children were younger and less inclined to be patient when hungry)

Sorry, back to the point. I like having a Pizza Hut in town. Our family is vegetarian and it’s nice to know there’s a restaurant with a veggie-friendly menu. Our kids can have whatever they like on a vegetarian pizza, plenty of salad and we can choose from a selection of starters.

Nando’s sell chicken. They sell other things, but basically unless you like chicken, or halloumi and mushrooms, it’s a bit hit and miss. There is also the question of cooking this stuff. Some fast food restaurants fry up the vegetarian food in the same oil as meat. That’s not something your average vegetarian is looking for. And try getting them to admit that’s what happens. Head Office will give you the run around and actual restaurant workers will sometimes simply tell you the lie they think you want to hear.

I want pizza. It’s not the best, and it’s not the cheapest, but it’s the only pizza restaurant in Walsall I can take my kids to and know they’ll eat and enjoy themselves.

Pizza Hut is one of the reasons I like Walsall. It’s that, the decent sized Wilkinsons, the only local Mothercare, a nice Maplins and an Early Learning Centre. Oh, and the Curio Shop and Coffee Comforts and TR Music. Definitely not the Night Market.

So, we lose Pizza Hut and gain a Nando’s. But it’s OK because there will be a Brewer’s Fayre opening shortly over the road, under the new hotel. Nice.


2 Responses to Take Away Pizza Hut

  1. kie says:

    dude! im also a pizza lover from walsall. Try oreganos on wolverhampton rd (main rd out of walsall towards J10)
    Buy1 get 1 free on collections. Stone baked base. Try it dude. Amazing ;D

    • Ah, but they do take-away. I’m after sit down eating can you dine in there?

      For takeaway I have trouble finding anyone to beat Buddy’s Pizza (01922 456456) on Rookery Lane in Aldridge. I shall, however, give Oregano a try. Thanks for the recommendation.

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