Thirty Two (and five sixths)

Today is November 25th. My birthday is January 25th. I am therefore thirty two years ten months old today. This is 394 months. I’m 11993 days old. I turn 12000 days in a week’s  time. Advent Sunday. That’s totally cool.

Thinking about that, I remembered that my 40th birthday will fall in 2020. By the end of that year, my eldest will have turned 17, and my Dad will most likely have retired. Although we haven’t got a huge amount of cash to blow on my 33rd in 61 days time, I’ve plenty of notice to put together a plan for the big one.

I could call it my “2020 vision” except that honestly sounds like what my church will call their planning process for the rest of this decade. And after the women bishops thing, you don’t want to get me started on “Things my Church says which I find a bit embarrassing when dealing with ordinary people.”


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