Inspiration and Cynicism

Right then. I’m an inspiration. Apparently. Somebody told me this after talking to me. I’m an inspiration.

So what do I inspire? Good feelings? Warmth of soul and ease of temperament?

Hopefully I inspire a whole lot more than that. I inspire something (for example) because I like to sing carols in pubs. Hurrah.

I inspire warm feelings in someone because I am a decent fellow and talk a good game.

Forgive my cynicism, but inspiration can be a mug’s gift to the bigger mugs, surely? It’s worthless unless that inspiration results in action. That’s when you tell the prophets from the profiteers. When someone inspires you to act, do you act in their interest?

Tony Robbins sells you courses in being a better person. What has he inspired you to do? Buy more of his courses. Give him more money, from the extra you think you’ll make for yourself after the course has made you great. Duh! Profit.

But a truly great person will inspire you at no benefit to themselves to do good for your own benefit or the good of others, and to amend your habits or your spending or your attitudes so that good will continue to come out of you. And somebody seeing that good before it’s budded and fruited? That’s where you find the prophet.


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