I’ve cooked my Grey Goose

In a move which has shocked even me, I’ve left the band.

The Grey Goose Blues Band are an awesome bunch of real musicians who play very tight blues with a delightful sound. I’ve played with them all year, done gigs in a variety of places, played the “Introducing” stage at Artsfest, The Robin 2, and of course three visits to Fagin’s Ale and Chop House, Taff’s Well.

Why have I left? It’s not “musical differences” – that’s for certain. I love the sound and the music and when we play a gig and it goes well I have an absolute ball. It’s not really fatigue either. I’ve chucked it in well before I got tired of it.

Mostly, I think it’s trying to be fair to all concerned. I’ve a lot of stuff on, and I’m really tired out as a consequence. Rather than tell them I need a break for a couple of months and leave them hanging, I’m making an amicable clean break and letting them know it’s OK to find another keyboard player to take my place or reshape the band to fit without me. After all, I’ve only been playing with these guys for twelve months.

What I will say is this – right now they’ll be down the White Lion in Walsall, while I’m playing carols at the Lazy Hill in Aldridge (Ales, Beers and Carols) which I’ve had in the diary for months. I wish them the very best for the future and highly recommend you go and have a listen. Right after you finish singing carols with me, naturally!


One Response to I’ve cooked my Grey Goose

  1. Nigel Tame says:

    Thank you for the reference Mr C and if you need some jazz saxophone either as a pro bono or even a paid gig I’d be happy to oblige. Good wishes to you and your family.

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