David Cameron’s Not a Liar.

No, he’s not. He’s really not.

He simply says things that aren’t strictly true.

He peddles numbers from the Office of National Statistics and misrepresents how good or bad they are. The “deficit” as opposed to the “debt” isn’t the half of it, although I’m furious that the same Party Political Broadcast which prompted my last rant has been sort of exposed as a lie in the press and then the failings championed by the Labour Party and then sensationalised by The Mirror.

I cannot adequately explain my disbelief. Words have genuinely failed me. We are wasting every living moment driving our country into greater debt which will accrue value with time, not depreciate. At the same time the most senior politician in our nation has engaged (and one presumes, paid) a company to film an entirely misleading political film to tell us it’s all going as well as can be expected.

The 1984 reference in the Spectator blog article is not even provocative. It’s almost salient; relevant, even.

Before I’m accused of jumping on a Tory-bashing bandwagon, can I just say on the record Nick Clegg’s output on this subject is abominable and given the recent fiasco over whether Ed Miliband means what he says or not I’m not exactly banging a Red drum either.

Could somebody explain to me how as a citizen I stand a hope of holding these clowns to account?


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