Give me that old time religion… it’s good enough for me.

Church on Sunday was great. There was a fantastic sermon and some good old time hymns mixed in with the modern songs. I’m not saying church is all about the music, but given I was playing the piano, it was a key factor in my thinking.

A couple of “Greatest Hits” were “Love Divine” and “Thine be the Glory”, both stalwart songs from my youth. We even managed a couple of verses a capella, which went better than I would have hoped. The songs are familiar to folks, and so people carry the tune with gusto. It also helps that the words are familiar. In a contemporary worship scenario where a lot of the music we play in church is younger than my sons and definitely younger than my kid brother (now 18) it’s nice to cut loose and play something with history for people.

I don’t usually think too much about how much songs can be the soundtrack to my life or the lives of others. There’s a remix of a song which reminds me of being on a train going to Southport. There’s a hymn that reminds me of my Grandfather. Playing the stuff which has been around means tapping into the history of that song for eveyone present, and that’s something that we can miss if we don’t revisit material.

So this good music and positive experience in church on Sunday set me to thinking. Should we do this more regularly? Have a choir set up not for services and singing the offices, but for the benefit of the members? Singing together both for our general health and out of a sense of community? Who would be interested in doing this with me? Should I build it and see who comes? Personally, I think it’s an option.

Aldridge could have a new choral society before you know it.


2 Responses to Give me that old time religion… it’s good enough for me.

  1. Singing lets your heart soar and for a little while at least your cares melt away. At least that’s my experience. It doesn’t even matter much what you’re singing. The act of communal singing is all that matters.
    My Mom was a stalwart of the choir at Aldridge for many years. She loved the old hymns and the two you mention were sung at her funeral at her request. She also loved the newer stuff.
    Not sure how a ‘choral’ group would go down, it’s all glee stuff these days! I wish you luck in getting something together.
    Do you want the group filled with people who can actually sing or will enthusiastic amateurs, willing to learn be welcomed?

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