Smarten up, my Dad’s reading this

My blog is connected to my Twitter account, to which I have granted WordPress access. It’s a simple way to announce new posts and garner interest from a wider audience, and it’s a simple matter for my followers to retweet the annoucnement. By this simple method of onward promotion, traffic has been generated for posts about forthcoming Walsall Social Media Surgery dates, and singing carols in pubs at Christmas.

Of course, my Twitter feed also appears on my website, tucked away on the right hand side where it can be seen by all and sundry. Including my Dad. I evidently have a very cool Dad.

He reckons it’s simpler to visit my website, see if there’s anything in my Twitter feed, then read my blog than wait for me to pop by and tell him things. For example, when I dropped by their place last night my parents already knew about the planned expedition with my son.

Naturally this means my language and demeanour now have to reflect this specific audience member. But on the other hand, it’s kind of cool that he’s showing an interest in what I do, and I’ll freely admit maybe half of the stuff I do wouldn’t crop in conversation with him naturally. So it’s a good thing, on balance.

And it’s just great when my Dad complains that my brother doesn’t update his blog often enough for him to keep tabs on him…

PS: He’s building a model railway at a scale suitable for putting out in the garden. I feel a blog with tied-in Flickr feed would help here, right?

PPS: Dad, I’ll give you a hand if you like, but I reckon you could probably figure it out yourself.


One Response to Smarten up, my Dad’s reading this

  1. Jimm Rennie says:

    I’ll update my blog when I get a chance. Although, as kind as your offer is to explain blogs and Flickr, (shameless plug warning) couldn’t Dad come along to one of the upcoming SMSWalsall sessions and get tips from people other than his sons?

    P.S. Now you know how I felt when I realised he’d read the rather ‘choice’ language I’d used in a post about a certain far-right group (not to be confused with the English Disco Lovers) protesting in the middle of Walsall.

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