A Draining Series of Events

The drain outside our kitchen doesn’t drain so well. In the past, a shot with the hose and some bleach have had it going again without too much trouble, but this time it was stuck full of … stuff, and draining far too slowly.

In a fit of pique, I eBayed pressure washers, and bought one ending soon that was local.

The series of events which followed have taught me number of important life lessons. Now I’m out of the shower and dried off, I feel the need to share these observations for the general good.

1. If you buy a pressure washer, from a smiling couple in Handsworth for example, check that the high pressure hose is kink free and doesn’t look like someone has wrapped electrical tape around it as though it has a persistent leak.

2. Also check that the attachments supplied in the box are related to the washer. As it transpires, I have the bits I need. However, see point 3 below.

3. If (When) the high pressure hose suddenly starts to leak (potentially through the exemplar tape), on no account release the trigger. Cutting off the intended out flow via the high pressure wand may lead to an immediate pressure increase in the hose. This act is likely to enhance the size of leak from legendary to biblical. Spray of ten to twelve feet vertically is to be expected, and may be observed by curious and then progressively more amused neighbours.

4. Clearing a drain involving any kind of high pressure water is going to involve certain amount of splash. The surrounding wall, patio, step, door, mains power cable, and washer operator will all end up liable to spotting with something of the colour and smell of whatever is in the drain at the beginning. Do not underestimate the pervasive nature of this … stuff.

5. Above all, make sure the strategy of sticking high pressure water down there is going to work.

PS: The strategy didn’t work in its entirety. That is, it sprayed everything in a metre radius with brown spots, but the drain refuses to clear. If any of my readers have any suggestions feel free to comment below and save me the expense of Dyna-Rod.

PPS: Oh, and the washer is going to be OK. It says RAC on the front, but under the bonnet it’s a Hilka, so replacement parts are available and fairly cheap from a number of websites.


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