Selling Up

In 1997 I persuaded my Dad to let me spend the inheritance I was due to receive the following year. I blew the lot (not a huge amount, but enough at the time) on a brand new synthesiser. It was a Roland XP-10, and I’ve used it ever since.

I even read the manual, it was that precious to me. It was a step up from the similar synths I’d used at school, and it formed an essential component of nearly live gig I’ve played since. I used it in The Grey Goose Blues Band, Retrosexual, Crosseyed, and many other and less sensibly named ensembles. I took it to Uni with me, I played carols on it in pubs. I played it in church.

And now it’s up for sale on eBay.

I simply can’t use it for what I really need right now. It has no onboard speakers and the keys are unweighted. I had a stage piano a while ago which did the job but had issues aroudn sound quality. That went on eBay as soon as I could do without it, but I reckon it made me more than it ever cost me. The same is true for the XP-10 but with the added bonus that I know the money from this sale with go straight into the next purchase.

Of course, it might not sell. I don’t want an outrageous amount of money for it but there is a minimum.


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