We’re getting the band back together.

I’m in a band again. It’s not the usual, in fact far from it. There’s two of us, and the first thing we did as a band was to split up. Now we’re putting the band back together and going on the road.

As with most such outfits, we’re actually made up of a couple of central characters and whoever we can coerce into playing with us.¬†Frankly, we’d play in your living room if you wanted us to. We’ve never played a gig, never made a penny doing it, and I’m really looking forward to it.

We’re after small and select venues in Walsall and the surrounding area (Lichfield, we’re coming for you as well) so if you fancy a rich blues-infused improv gig from two guys who are doing it because the music is the thing we care about, by all means hop on over to the Dischord blog, and have a look. It’s only the bare bones right now, but we’ll have more up as we get the chance.


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