Gaming in Walsall just got a new Lair

A few days ago, I was wandering through the almost abandoned shell of Park Place Shopping Mall. There were signs of life, but nothing too much yet. Clive Mark, Wilco, the cobblers and lots of covered up shopfronts.

In the darkened recesses of one recently reclaimed shop unit was a new nail bar, advertising in the window for nail artists.

And a couple of shops down some proper retro games consoles in the window, with some interesting custom paint jobs. Anyone remember the Dreamcast? It turns out Nebula Custom Gaming have moved in, with Vince from Asgard Games UK and they’re setting up shop. Vince was cutting some sheet polystyrene to make contours for gaming, and we chatted briefly about gaming and card games and board games and Thud! which I happen to find great fun to play.

This is definitely something for my brothers to take a look at. Vince was talking about gaming sessions at only £3 a day Saturday/Sunday in the shop. He runs them already locally, but with a shop front it’s a different kind of offering. I’m personally looking forward to seeing if we can get some board gaming happening. None of that “read the card, multiply the die score by the fourth root of your shoe size and add to the card value to determine your basic attack strength” rubbish – just you, the other guy, the board and the pieces.

And maybe the rules. Not sure how important those are.


It’s 2017 and while nebula no longer have a shopfront presence in Walsall, you can now find Vince with Asgard in his new(ish) home on George St at the top of Walsall Market. Get on up there and get involved.


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