There have been a number of interesting developments in the last month or so. Far from hiding at the bottom of my garden and doing things in isolation, there’s a whole host of collaborative efforts kicking off.


For a start, there’s the gig I’m doing at the Tree House Bookshop. It’s the sort of venue I think would root well in Aldridge given the chance and enough promotion. I heard of it through the Creative Enterprise blog, which is written and managed by staff at Coventry University. Off the back of this, Andy (who’s doing the November gig with me anyway) and I have founded a band.

Then there is the annual preparation for Ales Beers and Carols in Walsall and Aldridge. Two pubs signed up so far, and we’re talking to a third.

I seem to have committed to write a String Quartet, which is going surprisingly well so far. I’m working in collaboration (there’s that word again) with their leader, and inviting them to participate in the planning phase of the composition. This is a departure from the solo improv I’ve been toying with recently, and it’s now a month since my latest album [shameless plug] was released.

Work-wise there have been developments too. I don’t generally tell tales out of the office, but I’ve had a couple of opportunities to get back in front of school students recently, presenting in assembly and working on interview skills in a large group workshop. It’s good to be working with people delivering in schools again. I didn’t realise I’d missed it.

Walsall Social Media Surgery is currently consulting on the future shape of its provision. If you are based in or around Walsall, and have an interest, we have a short survey here which you’re welcome to tackle. Again, getting more people on board is very likely the most sensible solution.

Finally, I’m days away from getting my hands on a piano to play with. Prepared piano isn’t usually my scene, but having some bits to muck around with could be a lot of fun. Now that is a solo project for the time being. If only I had a big enough shed!


Garden Shed by John Gateley via Flickr:

Inside the Man Shed by Mary Clark via Flickr:


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