NaNoWriMo 2013

The National Novel Writers Month is once again attempting to divert me from real life. It’s an annual race to 50,000 words, almost by any means necessary.


That’s over 1600 words a day, every day, for the whole of November. Why couldn’t they have it in October which is an extra day longer and has the “summer time” hour thrown in as a bonus?

Regardless of my more artistic impulses, I’m also wondering if it’s such a great idea when it coincides with the first month of my new job. Actually, I’m fairly certain it’s a terrible idea for precisely that reason, but I’m probably going to do it anyway.

I realise that if everything gets too much, I’ll have to ditch the writing. I’m not completely delusional, but I am determined to give it a go. Who’s with me?


NaNoWriMo Progress Meter by Grathio via FLickr:


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