Christmas. Carols. Beer. Excellent.

It’s been in my diary for a little while now, but I’d like to take this opportunity to plug Ales Beers and Carols 2013 again. What a fantastic opportunity to drink beer and sing carols. For a concept, this one scores highly for simplicity and ease of execution.

But while I’m at it, let’s hear it for carolling in general. Yes, it’s cold outside. Stand together in a bunch and take turns at being on the edge. It works for penguins in the Antarctic. Or maybe you have a bunch of musically inclined people in your family and you know they’ll be together over Christmas. Half the power of singing is doing it together. The other half is singing the right stuff. Carols are just the right mix of narrative and hummable tunes to get you really going. Add the beer (wine, cider, fizzy pop, whatever) and you’re away.

I realise it’s not everybody’s cup of tea. For anyone who doesn’t find carol singing in season an uplifting activity, Tesco are now stocking supplies of these. For everyone else, come down and join us singing in pubs, or make your own arrangements. Either way, have fun!


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