Christmas at the Parish church in Aldridge.

I’m a musician on the rota of band leaders at Aldridge Parish Church. This Christmas will be one of the more intense ones for me, because I’m playing at the carol services (two of them, back to back, December 22nd evening) and the morning of December 15th.

I’m planning for both already. The evening carol services are a thing of delicate balance. Choral and organ works possibly contrasted against more modern music from a full band (piano, guitar, bass, drums) and woven together to create a Nativity narrative.

The morning service on the 15th however should be a joyful riot of sound and celebration. It’s Gaudete Sunday, and a certain lightening of mood is to be expected. Indeed, cherished.

So here’s the thing: I want as many able musicians as possible to join in. Let’s lift the roof with musical creativity! If you’re Grade 2 or above, and want to join in, e-mail me or if you’re on a smart phone, click here to drop me a text.

So far we have trombone, oboe, clarinet and possibly trumpet and sax. Join us, along with the rest of the band. I’ll try to get the music out to people early enough that they can look at it in advance, and we’ll have a brief rehearsal before the service.

As to the rest, I’m really looking forward to celebrating the birth of Christ in my church this year. It’s a great time to be together as a community.


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