2013 retrospective – a Ronseal post

I love writing about myself, else I wouldn’t have so many posts on this blog, but it’s the end of the year and I’m given to introspection, retrospection, and blowing my own trumpet.

Here’s a randomised list of stuff that happened. Better by far that than bore you with blow by blow accounts of what I got up to; whether chronologically or by some cunning ordering of importance and artifice.

  • I founded a band, which immediately split, and is now back together. We played in Kenilworth. The only person who bought our EP is in the band.
  • We sang carols in pubs. It was awesome.
  • The whole family went to Greenbelt.
  • A random post about building a Tea Chest Bass became the most searched for thing on my blog.One man and his bass
  • I found a full time permanent job doing something I like.
  • My son started to learn the trombone.
  • I almost got pulled into starting a community choir.
  • This blog got the better part of four and a half thousand hits. You’re helping with that right now. Cheers.
  • My youngest son discovered a talent for Connect 4. He adeptly chops his older brothers down to size and is now seriously threatening my own reputation for strategy.
  • I worked on a temporary basis for a number of very nice people.
  • My latest album sold two copies. Then another four, and then finally one more. Seven! Beats sales of the previous one…
  • The two legends who initially bought my album met in a pub, and seemed to share more than a hair trigger wallet.
  • I made some new friends.
  • Never Rehearsed in Bedford hired me at very short notice to improvise piano accomanpiment to their improv panto performances. Three nights, three plots, three late night drives back up the M1.
  • My sewer blocked.
  • My son and I nearly climbed Scafell Pike.

It’s been a busy year. 2014 begins full tilt with work, freelancing, gigging and writing. Busy, busy, busy.


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