I’m really not a runner, but I’m going to Tri.

It’s time to admit my true nature and come out. I’m an aspiring Triathlete.

In sixth form, my entire form group was challenged to compete in a triathlon for charity. Two of us declined the offer, and one of those dissenters was me.

I’m a functional swimmer, if I’m honest, but I’ve been comfortable on a bike since I was fairly little. In any event, I was massively self conscious about my poor state of fitness and it was something I couldn’t bring myself to do.

I have regretted the decision ever since. Not that it’s paralysed my development as a person, but it niggles at me every time someone mentions triathlons.

Last week I heard of the inaugural Walsall Triathlon, a sprint over 400m in the pool 15km on a bike and 5km run. It took less than a minute to decide this is a goal worth setting for myself. I need to lose [even more] weight and I can do that by moving more and eating less. Moving around more in swimming, running and cycling is apparently particularly good for one’s overall fitness.

Today I ran 5k at Walsall Parkrun in less than 33 minutes. Considering I was doing it in over 40 when I started a year ago. It’s that kind of progress that I enjoy, and is driving me on to this triathlon foolishness – I’m achieving in the long term and I like it. A word to my twenty year old self is now too late, but I’m not going to wait any longer to make the changes.

I was going to keep all this a secret, in case injury or apathy or an inability to walk past a creme egg without buying it stopped me. But it appears there is a list of competitors on the event webpage anyway.

So there it is – I’m aiming to complete a sprint triathlon.

PS. If you had in mind I might do it for a good cause, forget it. You don’t need any more excuses to support charity than their existence in the first place and it’s none of my business which causes you do support. If you want to give money because I’m doing this, buy me a beer afterwards. Or put the cost of a pint in the next collection you feel morally good about. That way the charity receives an income independently of my ability to haul my carcass round this event. I really think I can’t say fairer than that.


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